In numerous call centers throughout India, young people, curious about a world outside their own connect with countries such as the US, UK and Australia talking with people about their daily lives, traveling more than most of us without leaving their office.

This group of young people create a virtual world, which for 8 hours is linked to Australia. There are no windows, the clocks on the wall tell only the time in the Australian time zones. In their adopted alter egos of Shane or Mary, life exists in an imagined space at the end of a phone line as they talk about the weather and cricket to try and make a connection with an average of 300 people per day.

The full version of Australia Outbound an 8 eight hour video, lasting one full shift in a Mumbai call center that calls phone subscribers in Australia. The portraits include all those on shift that day and transition at the same rate that calls get made, one every 0.6 seconds In the background we hear the realtime recording of the shift.


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